Originally the maximal size of the rewiews stored in the 'BROWSER's database has been limited to 2000 bytes regarding to the predictably poor memory and harddisk capacity of the targeted blind users. Therefore I often encountered difficulties when reviewing a complex, literarily important book. In certain cases, I have ignored this limitation when preparing the webpage version of the reviews.

Links inserted in the title line of the rewiews are pointing to the full downloadable version of the discussed book allocated on the web server of the Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK).

There is a great difference between the contents and structure of both collections, especially due to the copyright reasons which does not put restraint on the talking book library. That's why links placed inside the texts of the reviews rarely refer to the Hungarian Electronic Library, mostly in cases when a review discusses a collective book which can be found only partially, in separate files in the electronic library.

However, most of the links inside the reviews point to other brief rewiews placed on this homepage discussing books related to the currently reviewed work.

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